Show Luo invests S$220,000 in new streetwear label

The singer-actor left clothing label STAGE earlier this year amidst much speculation about the reason for his departure


This February, Show announced his departure from clothing label STAGE, which was started 12 years ago. As the singer-actor was always very involved in the label’s business affairs since its inception, many were taken aback by his sudden departure. Many fans speculated that the 40-year-old might have been forced out from the label, against his will.

At the opening ceremony of the label, Show was full of pride for his new business venture, announcing his confidence in the brand. 

“I’ve read a number of reports, and they don’t necessarily recommend this area as a suitable area for me to set up my store. However, when a shop is able to attract people, the customers will naturally gravitate here, so that’s fine,” he shared, when asked about the shop’s location.


Laughing, he added that the ‘unfavourable location’ also means that rent will be lower. Describing the rent as “really reasonable”, Show revealed that he had signed a multi-year lease with the landlord for the space.

Show is estimated to have invested close to NT$5 million (approximately S$220,000) into the label. “I’ve been suffering from insomnia for the past three days because I was worrying that people wouldn't show up at my store,” he confessed, sharing that he felt quite a fair bit of pressure starting over again, this time as the sole owner of a clothing label.

He also addressed his departure from STAGE, sharing that it had “impacted him greatly”, which was why he hopes to prove his worth once again with GNF.

As his girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow also has a clothing label of her own, many wondered if the singer-actor was worried about competing with her. However, he shared that there was no conflict, and that they often discuss clothes and fashion ideas together.

Photos: PBE Media

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