Show Luo blasted for making use of his fans

They were less than impressed that he launched a line of clothes in collaboration with his girlfriend Grace Chow

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Show Luo released the music video for his latest song, ‘NO JOKE’ last month, and received rave reviews from his fans for the addictive melody. However, he seems to have upset his followers with one of his recent posts, where he announced he is launching a line of clothing in collaboration with girlfriend Grace Chow’s clothing brand.

In the photos that he uploaded on January 14, he shared the links of where to purchase a ball cap and sweater that both he and Grace modeled in colours of black, red and white. This quickly caused a wave of negative remarks to flood the comments section, and the singer disabled comments shortly after. At press time, the post can still be seen on his Weibo timeline.

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Most of the unhappiness stemmed from the fact that the Grace Chow label doesn’t match Show and his song, ‘NO JOKE’, with many pointing out that his personal clothing label, STAGE, was much better-suited for this collaboration.

Others pointed out that Show’s blatant nepotism has caused them to unfollow the singer, as they feel that he is unable to draw the line between personal and work matters.

There has been talk for over a year that Show and Grace are preparing to tie the knot, but these speculations have not been directly addressed by either party. The couple went public in June 2015 and have been increasingly affectionate towards each other on social media.

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