Show Luo bites off more than he can chew on social media

His promise to copy the Four Great Classical Novels if his girlfriend, Grace Chow, responded to his social media post has backfired on him

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Show Luo has landed himself in hot soup after making a declaration on social media that he would copy the Four Great Classical Novels – Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Journey to the West and Dream of the Red Chamber, if his girlfriend, Grace Chow, replied to his post.

His post was made late last night, and soon attracted the attention of many fans, who believed that Grace would definitely respond given the pair’s frequent interactions on social media.

To nobody’s surprise, she soon made a post of her own with a screen capture of his original post, sharing, “Just in case this person tries to run away (from his punishment), I took a screenshot as evidence. I hope that everyone on Weibo can keep an eye on him and ensure that he finishes copying the Four Great Classical Novels.”

Her post soon made it to the trending page, and Grace left a comment on her original post which read, “Enjoy copying (the novels)~ Give them to me before Saturday.”

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Netizens commented that Show could possibly only copy the words “Four Great Classical Novels” instead of actually copying the four books. In response, Grace declared, “I’ll hit him if he does that!” Show, who was obviously watching the action unfold, could only respond with “………” which led fans to share their anticipation of what Show will end up doing to appease his girlfriend.

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