Show Luo admits that he makes dummy social media accounts to defend himself against haters

That’s one way to deal with trolls

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Celebrities are often on the receiving end of hate comments, with netizens hiding under the presumed anonymity of the internet to hurl negativity towards their targets.

Taiwanese singer Show Luo is no exception – however, he revealed at a press conference this week that he has his own method of dealing with these trolls: he argues with them. However, he goes undercover by creating dummy social media accounts to defend himself from these haters instead of using his real name to do so.

He explained, “I’ve been berated so badly online that even my fans didn’t dare to say anything for fear of being ridiculed by others (…) Honestly, hate comments are fine as long as you don’t take them to heart. Your value isn’t determined by what haters think of you. Your life belongs to yourself, and you don’t need to feel bad about yourself just because of some words that others might have typed because they have nothing better to do.”

The 40-year-old continued that while he personally doesn’t care much about these commenters, curiosity sometimes gets the best of him, and he checks out the negative comments that people direct towards him.

“Some people leave hate comments because they have no other outlet to vent,” he explained. “That’s why I decided to create dummy accounts to speak to them and let them vent, so that they might feel better after that.”

At the same time, he clarified that he doesn’t spend too much time on haters, as their actions on the internet might not necessarily reflect how they feel in real life.

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