Hacken Lee, who was busy with his American concert tour for the past two weeks, finally wrapped up the last of his shows in Dongguan, China, and was able to return to Hong Kong to rest his voice for two days.

For his Dongguan show, he invited his friend of 30 years, Shirley Kwan, to join him as a special guest performer. The audience went crazy as the Cantopop diva emerged on stage, dressed in a sexy low-cut outfit.

Hacken joked that he did not dare to look at her for too long or he might get in trouble with his wife. "I shall do my best to only look you in the eyes!" he quipped. Shirley brushed his remark off with a laugh and said that she will just try her best to put on a good performance.

Hacken then expressed his happiness at the news of Shirley signing a new contract with Universal Music Group, signalling a brand new chapter in her career. "I hope she will continue to release many more great songs for fans," he said.

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