South Korean veteran group Shinhwa held their 20th anniversary world tour concert in Hong Kong on November 24. It had been five years since their last concert in the city, and many fans showed up armed with orange light sticks and balloons, chanting "Shinhwa!" before the show started.

Although the members are no longer the fresh-faced young things they were in the past, they proved that they've still got the moves with performances of 'All Your Dreams', 'Super Power' and 'Your Man'.

Besides their live performances, the group also displayed charming interactions with fans and one another. Shin Hye Sung created an acrostic poem with the words "Hong" and "Kong", while Kim Dong Wan attempted to show off his Cantonese, which was hilariously questioned by his band mates.

Dong Wan then lamented about just celebrating his 39th birthday, saying in English, "I'm almost 40. That's a sad thing."

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