SHINee’s Key, VIXX’s N and 2AM’s Jinwoon enlist on the same day

The trio will first complete their basic military training before being transferred to their respective units


Yesterday (March 4), SHINee’s Key, VIXX’s N and 2AM’s Jinwoon enlisted into the military to serve their mandatory two-year military service.

The trio, were sent off by a small crowd of fans who had waited outside the military training center. They will first embark on their basic military training before being transferred to their respective units. All three of them uploaded pictures of themselves with buzz cuts on their respective Instagram accounts, along with a message to their fans.

Key uploaded a picture of a handwritten letter on his Instagram account as well. In his letter, he shared that he has never taken such a long break from the spotlight before. “In this period, I’ll be unable to communicate with everyone. Although there are many who feel that this is something sad and regretful, I believe that there are many of you who’ve waited for a similar amount of time for our (next) album to be released. I hope that you will all be healthy and happy!,” he wrote.


Before his enlistment, Key also released the album, ’I Wanna Be’, which is a repackage of his first solo album, ‘Face’. Key is the second member of SHINee to enlist, after leader Onew.

VIXX's leader, N, became the first member of the group to enlist. His Instagram post came with a short caption, where he wrote, “Today’s diary, March 4 2019. I will go and come back safely. He also shared that he had spent time with his members before his enlistment, and that he was thankful for their support.

“I've never left for such a long period of time, but I must do it all the same,” Jinwoon wrote on Instagram, sharing a picture of his table. “I've unplugged everything, and even laid a cloth over my desk to prevent dust, but it feels a little strange. I’ll go and come back quickly, and continue to make more good songs.”

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