SHINee’s Jonghyun Commits Suicide

He was found unconscious in his apartment following a police tip-off from his sister. 

When SHINee's Jonghyun was in town just last month for a press con ahead of the Shilla Beauty Concert, he looked his usual dapper self and was all smiles while greeting the media, alongside his bandmates and K-pop girl group Red Velvet.

Barely a month later, he has been found dead in his home after committing suicide. According to Korean media reports, Jonghyun’s older sister found the singer unconscious at his apartment in Gangnam, Seoul, at around 6pm today (Dec 18).

He was discovered in a room that had coal briquettes lit, which releases carbon monoxide. The unconscious singer was rushed to the hospital immediately but passed away. 

According to a police statement, Jonghyun's older sister had made a police report at 4.42pm today that her brother was about to commit suicide. “We went to his residence in Chungdam and discovered that he had attempted to commit suicide with brown coal briquettes lit inside a frying pan. Emergency responders were with us at the time so we rushed him to the Konkuk University Hospital in a state of cardiac arrest,” the statement read. 

Jonghyun's sister has confirmed that the singer committed suicide. The cause of his death is carbon monoxide poisoning. Burning coal briquettes which releases carbon monoxide and leads to poisoning, is a common form of suicide in Korea. 

According to Korean news reports, Jonghyun had sent his sister a suicide note, which was when she made a police report. Jonghyun had reportedly texted the suicide note to her. The details of the note have not been released to the public. 

Following his sudden death, police have released another public statement: “We have confirmed SHINee Jonghyun’s death. We are currently unable to reach the officer who was dispatched and is still investigating so we are careful to discuss details.”

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