Shen Yue accused of cutting off ties with ex-classmates after making it big

The actress’s private WeChat rant was made public by a disgruntled ex-classmate

shen yue

Chinese actress Shen Yue is currently enjoying a newfound wave of popularity, with her turn as Dong Shancai in the popular remake of Meteor Garden propelling her to new heights.

But, when fame comes knocking, controversy is never far behind.

Recently, an anonymous poster, who is said to be “the classmate of Meteor Garden’s female lead”, went public with an allegation that Shen Yue had deleted a number of classmates off her contacts list on WeChat. Another poster, who shared that they have not been culled off the 21-year-old’s contacts list, revealed that the actress went on a rant against her classmates in a private post on WeChat.

According to the unnamed source, Shen Yue’s rant read, “What do you mean by after becoming an actress, becoming famous, I’ve [put on airs] and deleted all my ex-classmates [from my contacts list]. [I’ve only deleted] those who I haven’t contacted in 800 years. Since you’re displeased with me now, let me tell you, I’ve had a bone to pick with you since Year 1, so what if I deleted you? Let’s not talk about me becoming an actress, no matter what occupation I choose, even if you stood right in front of me, I wouldn’t even spare you a glance. What are you playing at, this is just a joke [to me].”

Although the post has since been deleted, the unnamed source aired their grievances over the post as well, writing, “Is she even 1.60m tall? What right does she have to dismiss other people as a joke?”, before going on to write, “[Shen Yue’s] indeed a les [a slur for a lesbian].”

After the post went online, fans and netizens alike began picking sides, with the majority choosing to side with Shen Yue.

“[They] haven’t spoken in 800 years, you were deleted because [Shen Yue] wanted to ensure her privacy and whittle down her contacts list, isn’t that normal? Additionally, what does her sexual orientation have to do with you,” one fan wrote in indignation. 

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