Taiwanese pop group S.H.E will be celebrating their 17th debut anniversary this year, with the trio preparing a number of special gifts to commemorate the milestone.

First off was the release of a special music video (MV), in which the three members, Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen went back to their roots. Dressed in outfits from their very first Golden Melody Awards win in 2003, the trio relived the moment once again as a group. 

Ella had been absent on that day due to an injury, thus the MV gave the group a chance to experience the precious moment once again, this time as a complete group.

Ella also had the chance to give a small acceptance speech. “I’m very moved to be able to receive the Best Vocal Collaboration award, because to us [S.H.E], teamwork is the most important. I’m very thankful to receive an acknowledgement [of our teamwork]. I wish to thank our agency, and our boss for their support, as well as all our colleagues.

Selina’s parents also made a special appearance in the video, with Ella expressing her gratitude to the couple.

“My parents, as well as Hebe’s parents live in Pingtung and Hsinchu respectively. Selina’s parents dote on us a lot, as if we were their real daughters. They’re like my Taipei parents,” Ella said.

The MV also showed footage of Selina’s accident, which left her with severe burns on a large part of her body. S.H.E’s company was initially against including the footage into the video, as they wanted to protect Selina. 

However, after hearing the video director’s explanation, Selina said, “This is indeed a memory that has left a strong impression on the three of us, and our fans. But, what’s most important is that after getting through this hurdle, we’re still together, ready to face the future [together]. I feel that it’s fine [to include the footage], we’ll just take it as yet another experience that we’ve been through, it’s part of our story.”

The scene was put together with the help of special effects, but what was different was that Ella and Hebe were present during the fire as well, encouraging Selina.

At the very end, the trio stood together as one, helping Selina up. Dressed in wedding gowns to signify their marriage to each other, the scene made for a particularly impressive ending.

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Photos: PBE Media

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