Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu, and many more attended the Elekron stunt show, for which Shawn Yue is their celebrity ambassador, in Macau on January 23.

Shawn said that he has learned a bit of car stunts himself in the past, but he isn't qualified to even change the tyres for real professional stuntmen. When asked if he will take on less dangerous roles now that he is a father, Shawn said he would not. "I like to keep my personal and professional lives separate," he explained.

Charmaine admitted that she is a fan of extreme sports. "I always enjoy filming action scenes," she gushed. "I'm not afraid of getting hurt as long as I look good!"

With the Lunar New Year season coming up, Shawn shared that he will bring his son Cody to go for visitations, but they will not go overseas because it is too troublesome to travel with a young child.

Myolie said that she has already taught her son how to ask for red packets. Naturally, the conversation soon turned to when the actress plans to have a second child, to which she responded with a laugh, "Very soon, very soon!"

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