Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue was one of the invited guests at an exclusive training session for upcoming stunt show Elekron in Macau on October 18.

Shawn admitted that his family often worries about him taking on dangerous action scenes for his job, but he said that he is not afraid as the shooting conditions are usually very safe. He also revealed that he was recently hospitalised for digestive problems after a trip to Japan. Although his wife Sarah Wang did not ask him to reduce his workload, he believes he should take much better care of his own health.

When asked why he has not revealed a clear frontal shot of his baby son Cody, Shawn said, "I want him to have his own freedom and not have his life affected because of me."

He also shared that he is in the midst of adjusting to his son's schedule. "There's not much time for us to rest - the time we go to bed is the time he wakes up!" he laughed.

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