Hongkong actor Shawn Yue surprised everyone by suddenly getting hitched to Taiwanese model Sarah Wang in Melbourne last December.

And now, the 36-year-old star has confirmed what regional media outlets have been long speculating. At a press conference for his new sci-fi web series The Great Adventurer Wesley Fragment Man, Shawn announced that his 29-year-old wife is indeed expecting, and the missus' agency has confirmed the news as well. 

“I didn’t announce it [during the wedding] as I wanted to protect them. I hope you guys can understand. I’d like to thank everyone for your concern. Once I have good news later on, I’ll share it with everyone," he said. 

Even though he didn’t reveal how far along Sarah is in the pregnancy, tabloids have reported that she is six months preggers, with the baby due in June.

For months, rumours have been rife that Shawn and Sarah got married because the latter was pregnant. The speculations were further fuelled when Sarah uploaded a photo of herself on Instagram earlier this month, sporting what looked like a baby bump.

Eddie Peng, Shawn's good friend and one of his groomsmen at the nuptials, had previously declined to comment about the rumours, and offered no more than a cryptic: “You should ask Shawn.”

Meanwhile, her close friends have shared that she’s now resting at home in Hongkong to prep for the baby’s arrival.

The couple had dated for a year before tying the knot. It’s said that Shawn had met Sarah, the daughter of a leather goods billionaire, when he was filming Love Off The Cuff, the sequel to his 2010 mega-hit Love In A Puff, where he starred opposite Miriam Yeung. The actor had previously dated Singaporean model-actress Ase Wang as well as TVB actress Natalie Tong and singer-songwriter Candy Lo.

Given the strong gene pool of the two gorgeous parents-to-be, their mini-me would most likely be quite the looker.