Shawn Yue blasted for being “selfish”

The actor was criticised for only thinking about his son’s privacy

shawn yue

Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue, who welcomed his first child last year, has always been fiercely protective of his son Cody’s privacy.

However, a group photo in which he was trying to do just that ended up landing the 37-year-old in hot soup as netizens blasted the actor for only thinking of his son’s privacy.

Shawn threw a birthday bash for Cody, who turned one on May 11, and in attendance were many of the actor's friends’ children. At least 12 kids were spotted in the group photo which Shawn posted on Instagram, but only Cody’s face was covered with a heart-shaped sticker, with the other children’s faces on full display.

“Is your son the only child whose privacy you should be thinking of? Do all the other children not matter to you? Aren’t you being too selfish?” one netizen commented. Others noted that there was at least one other child who looked to be around the same age as Cody, and that they could not agree with the double standards that Shawn has.

There were also netizens who offered another possibility, stating that Shawn could have asked for the parents’ respective permissions before posting photo on Instagram.

Shawn has yet to respond to these comments at press time, and has continued updating his feed despite the ongoing debate.

Photos: PBE Media

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