Social media was filled with dedications to dads on Father’s Day yesterday (Jun 21), and Hongkong actor Shawn Yue also took the opportunity to casually spring a surprise on his followers: He and his 31-year-old wife, Taiwanese model Sarah Wang, are expecting their second child together.

At a glance, the 38-year-old’s posts on Weibo, Instagram, and Facebook seem pretty straightforward, with heart-warming pictures of him, Sarah, and their two-year-old son Cody hanging out in an open field. However, a closer look reveals that Cody is wearing a T-shirt that says “best brother” — an unexpected choice of attire for someone who was previously thought to be an only child.

Shawn’s captions on Instagram and Facebook also gave the good news away. “This is my best Father’s Day present,” he wrote, along with emojis representing a family of four, including a baby.

And just in case those signs weren’t clear enough, Shawn replied to a comment on Weibo asking if he has a second child on the way with a straightforward “yes”.

His agent has since “double confirmed” (as Singaporeans would say) the good news with a statement, saying, “Thank you for your blessings, and congratulations to Cody who is about to become a big brother.”