Shaun Chen Welcomes Second Baby Girl

"It felt like my wife was just laying an egg!" Shaun says.

Shaun Chen’s wife, Celine, gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who weighs 3.65kg and measures 54cm, this morning at around 10am in her hometown Alor Setar.

Speaking to us over the phone, an elated Shaun says: “It took less than three hours of labour. I think my wife is amazing, it felt like she was just laying an egg (chuckles). The delivery process was so smooth and easy! Maybe it’s ‘cos she’s still young (guffaws).”

Shaun, 38, who married his wife Celine, 28, in 2015, had their first daughter Nellie the same year.  

Although Shaun has not come up with a name for his second girl, he shares that he nicknamed her “Guai Bao”, which means “Obedient Baby” in Mandarin.

He explains: “My wife felt cramps in her stomach on Monday evening, so I took a break from filming and flew back to Malaysia hoping that she won’t give birth before I arrive. Thankfully, my wife only felt severe pain this morning, so I rushed her to the hospital immediately.”

He adds: “She dilated to about 10cm at around 10am and that’s when she gave birth. I praised my baby for being so obedient, and for only coming into this world when I was around (laughs). That’s why I gave her this nickname!”

Shaun’s wife will stay in Malaysia during her confinement period, where her mum and sister will take care of her and Nellie. Meanwhile, Shaun will stay there for the next week before flying back to Singapore to resume filming.

Shaun shares that his 18-month-old elder daughter Nellie was curious and happy to have a sibling. He refused to comment on whether the baby looked more like him or Celine, saying instead: “She looks just like her elder sis!”

When we asked what push present Shaun was going to give his wife, he laughed and replied: “Well, I’ve already given my whole life to her! That’s the best present! (Guffaws). Okay, I may give her a branded bag to pamper her ‘cos it’s been tough for her in the last nine months (laughs).” 


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