Shaun Chen’s Wife Is Expecting Again!

The 38-year-old actor announced via Instagram that his wife is now four months pregnant with their second child.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Shaun Chen has some awesome news to share. The actor, who married his wife Celine Chin in 2015 and had their daughter Nellie the same year, has revealed that Celine is now four months pregnant with their second kid. Speaking to 8 DAYS over the phone, Shaun laughed and said: “Of course we are very happy. We went to the doctor’s and found out about it together. I was a little surprised, ‘cos we didn’t exactly plan for it. Everything happened naturally.” The elated Shaun added: “It’s good to have more kids. It gives us a greater sense of responsibility. We’ll do our best to take good care of our children.”

8 DAYS: Congrats! Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? 
SHAUN CHEN: We have yet to find out, and we’ll probably know by our next checkup. I don’t have any preference. What matters most is that both the baby and mum are healthy. This time round, we don’t have to prepare that much too ‘cos we are more experienced and we can use all the things from the first pregnancy.

Are you pampering her more now that she's pregnant again? 
Yeah... She loves spicy food, and these days, she keeps telling me she wants to eat laksa, chilli ban mee, and bak kut teh. I’ll take her out to have them if I’m at home, but if I’m busy filming, she’ll go eat with her younger sister instead.

It’s Valentine’s Day today. How are you guys celebrating it?
I gave her a bouquet of flowers a few days ago as it was the Chinese Valentine’s Day. We’re going to have a simple meal outside today but I don’t think we’ll stay out for too long as our daughter will be with us. As you know, when you have kids around, you can’t really go out for too long ‘cos the kid will get listless (laughs).

So how’s Nellie reacting to the news?
We told her that she’s going to have a younger sibling soon, and we asked her to ‘sayang’ her mum’s stomach. She’d touch it everyday, and then touch her own stomach and smile. It’s really cute (chuckles). 

Are you going to give your wife any push present?
Yes, I’m thinking of giving her something, but I haven’t thought about what to give her. Don’t ask me this question now! (Laughs

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