Sharon Chan attended a press conference for an insurance company in Hong Kong on February 18.

The 40-year-old actress admitted that she plans to retire at the age of 55. "In fact, I want to retire right now, but I don't think it's possible," she said. "So I hope to be able to do so at the age of 55 and go travel the world with my husband and son."

Sharon then shared that although her son is only 2 years old, she has already prepared insurance and savings plans for him. "We want to be ready if he ever plans to go overseas to study," she explained.

When asked if she has plans to have another child, Sharon said that she loves children very much, and that if she were 10 years younger, she would definitely have two or three kids. "But for now, we will wait another year to see if fate is willing to give us another child," she said. "Even if it doesn't happen, I am already very happy to just have my son."

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