South Korean idol group SEVENTEEN brought their Ideal Cut concert tour to Taipei for two nights. The second and last show was held on October 7, and the members seemed unwilling to leave.

They held a concert in the same location last year in October, but they only had one show. This year, their growth in popularity was evident as all tickets to both concerts were sold out very quickly.

Mingyu said, "It’s been a wonderful experience. Thank you for your enthusiasm. We will be back to meet you again as long as you invite us."

The8 made a gesture with his thumb and index finger, saying, "My index finger represents SEVENTEEN and my thumb represents CARATs."

Fans held up boards which read "We will light you up when you're tired" at the concert. All the members took turns to express their love to their fans. Dino said, "Now I’m a bit tired, but you light me up." The8 said, "You are the most beautiful sight."

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