Seungri's, Jung Joon Young’s contracts with respective agencies terminated

YG Entertainment and MAKEUS Entertainment expressed their apologies for causing trouble


In January this year, staff members of the club Burning Sun, which South Korean singer Seungri was a director of, were accused of assaulting a male guest and sexually harassing a female guest.

Since then, the reports have snowballed into a much bigger case, with allegations of drug distribution, sexual assault, as well as corruption involving the police and owners of the club, which is located in the affluent Gangnam district.

Seungri himself has also been called in for investigations by the police, as he allegedly violated anti-prostitution laws by proving sexual escort services to foreign football investors. The allegations were first revealed by Korean news outlet SBS funE, who shared that an informant had passed them the chat logs of a particular chat group between Seungri and a number of other males, including a singer, as well as workers and a representative from Yuri Holdings, an investment company that Seungri was involved in.

In the chat, Seungri had reportedly arranged for prostitutes to greet and spend time with the foreign investors.

On March 11, the singer announced that he will be retiring from the entertainment industry by posting a statement on his Instagram account. On the same day, more chat logs obtained from an informant revealed that Korean singer Jung Joon Young was part of another chat group that included Seungri, as well as a "Mr. Huh", "Mr. Kim", "Mr. Park", as well as "Singer Choi".

In that particular chat group, Joon Young, as well as Mr. Kim, shared and discussed hidden camera footage of them having sexual encounters with women that they had filmed. In many of the videos, the women were unaware of the cameras. The messages and videos are said to have been sent between 2015 to 2016.

Further reports showed that the men in the chat group had "admitted to rape" as well as feeding girls sleeping pills.

A day later, Joon Young returned to Korea from an overseas schedule to assist in police investigations. Shortly after, his agency sent out a statement, in which Joon Young admitted to filming the hidden camera footage, and apologised for his actions.


Earlier today (March 13), YG Entertainment announced that they have terminated their exclusive contract with Seungri. In their statement, they shared that they were deeply apologetic for causing trouble to many, including fans (of BIGBANG and Seungri).

“We admit that we were unable to manage our artistes with stricter care, and are deeply reflecting (on our actions). YG realises that there is a need for an extensive revision of our company’s internal workings, and we promise to work together with our employees to achieve this, with our full efforts,” the statement read.

Similarly, Joon Young’s management agency, MAKEUS Entertainment, released a statement sharing that they have also terminated their contract with the singer.

“Last night, Jung Joon Young sent his apology statement to the agency, and we relayed it without any changes (to it). Following this incident, we have come to the conclusion that we are unable to maintain our contract with Jung Joon Young,” the statement read.

They then shared that their contract with Joon Young, which was signed in January this year, has been terminated, expressing their apologies for causing trouble.

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