Selina Jen thinks that dating apps are filled with people who only want sex

The S.H.E member doesn’t think she can find true love online.

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Selina Jen might turn 38 today (October 31), but she has yet to give up on finding true love.

The S.H.E member, who divorced lawyer Richard Chang back in 2016, quipped that she doesn’t have any suitors lined up. Although there was speculation that she might one day reunite with her ex-husband, the singer has ruled out the possibility, calling him a good friend for life.

“I see the female stars around me with so many men vying for their attentions. Where on earth do all these suitors come from?” she chuckled when the media asked about her relationship status during a cruise line’s press conference.

When a reporter suggested that Selina download a dating application to meet new people, the singer rejected the idea outright. She explained, “Nobody on those platforms are looking for love. All they want is sex (…) Do I need to look for a pen pal and start building a relationship the old fashioned way?”

While she’ll be in Shanghai for work on her birthday, Selina mused that instead of having a celebration, she only has one simple her birthday wish for this year: for her parents to be healthy.

She continued that her original plan was to treat herself to a Mayday concert in the city while she was there, but that the show was unfortunately canceled.

“It was meant to be my birthday present to myself, but now it seems that I’ll have to wait for next time to watch them perform,” she sighed.

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