Selina Jen thankful to ex-husband for being there during important moments in her life

She revealed that the both of them cried during a recent meet up


When S.H.E member Selina Jen announced that she and her ex-husband, lawyer Richard Chang, were getting a divorce in 2016, the news came as a surprise to many as he was her pillar of support after she suffered third degree burns on more than half of her body during a filming accident in 2010. The couple proceeded to get married in 2011, while she was still recovering.

After their split, the former couple shared that they are still on good terms, and that Richard was helping S.H.E to mediate discussions with their former label, HIM International Music, to get the rights to their group name, along with their songs.

During an event appearance on August 13, Selina shed more light on her relationship with Richard. She shared, “We talked until we both started crying. The both of us are filled with gratitude to each other, and I think we’ve managed to move on (from our divorce).”

The singer continued, “He was there during many of the important moments in my life, for example, my recovery process (after the accident). The doctors felt like we should face whatever problems that we had together since we experienced so many things together. Perhaps there were too many things that we left unresolved (that caused our marriage to break down).”

While on the topic of the S.H.E brand name, Selina was also asked if the group will be reuniting for their 18th anniversary, which falls on September 11.

“I think all three of us should be together! I’m not sure yet, but our respective work schedules are so tight that we have no plans on having a reunion concert this year,” she shared. “You usually enter your rebellious phase when you’re 18, so let us have our rebellion just this once! There will always be other opportunities to celebrate.”

This confirmation comes amidst rumours that discussions with HIM about the S.H.E trademarks have come to a standstill, and that the trio will be unable to perform together until this issue is resolved.

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