Selina Jen spotted out on date with mystery man

Netizens wished the singer-actress well in her supposed new relationship


Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen has been candid about her relationship woes following her divorce from her husband of five years, lawyer Richard Chang, in 2016. Since their split, Richard has been spotted out on dates a number of times, while all remained quiet on the love front for Selina.

In a recent video for the reality show, Meeting Mr Right, in which Selina and her sister, Lorene Ren, will be participating in, Selina confessed that it was hard to find someone who made her heart race. However, she still believes in the power of love, having grown up watching her parents' relationship.

“If I’m brave enough to get a divorce, why wouldn’t I have the courage to accept love?” she shared.


But recent pictures of Selina out on what looks to be a date with a mystery man have refuelled interest in the 37-year-old's love life, with netizens wishing the singer-actress well in her supposed new relationship.

In the pictures, Selina is dressed in a loose, flowy white dress, with the male carrying the singer-actress’s bag. However, Selina’s work studio quickly refuted the rumours, sharing that she was merely filming for an episode of Meeting Mr Right. They clarified that it was not a real date, to the disappointment of fans.

Photos: PBE Media

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