Selina Jen to seek psychological help after losing voice

The singer was unable to sing during S.H.E’s anniversary concert


Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen has been on a health kick recently, as she films for the reality show, Battle Body, where celebrities work on toning up their bodies and improving their health.

At a promotional event for Hip Hop Night, Selina, who was dressed in a form-fitting dress, shared more about her body condition, and gave everyone an update on her voice condition, after she was first revealed to have had trouble singing during S.H.E’s 17th anniversary concert.

The 36-year-old revealed that two years ago, her body fat percentage was 31 percent. However, after joining Battle Body, she underwent 60 days of intensive exercise and training under the watchful eye of personal trainers. The results garnered from the training were impressive, to say the least, with Selina revealing that her body fat percentage was only 20 percent now. The singer-actress is also now 6 kilograms lighter than she was at her heaviest, with developed bicep and back muscles.

However, she admitted that she still finds it hard to resist the temptation of food. “I've really had a tough time training every day, and it was not possible for me to stick to my trainer-approved diet of boiled food or chicken breasts,” she said, adding that sometimes, she ate fried scallion prawns instead of boiling them.

Selina shared that there were some negative repercussions from her time spent training as well, sharing that she found that she got stressed more easily. Filming for Battle Body had taxed her body immensely, and she found that she felt breathless sometimes, with pain in her chest.

“I asked the trainer, and he replied that it might be because I’ve never used my chest muscles before this, so now that I’m actively training them, I might not feel as accustomed to it at first,” she said.


As she was still worried, Selina went online to research more about her condition, only to scare herself even more as she continued surfing the web. She had originally wanted to go for a full body checkup, but once she stopped filming for Battle Body, she no longer felt any pain in her chest. She surmised that the entire ordeal must have been because she was under a lot of psychological stress, but found the entire incident strange. “I've been in the entertainment industry for 17 years, why will I still feel nervous,” Selina wondered.

Thus, after much self-reflection, the 36-year-old came to the conclusion that it might be due to the fact that she’s always tried her best to remain upbeat and optimistic, no matter what happens.

“It might have been that I was too used to using this method (remaining optimistic) to face everything. But, I’ve never really tried to understand my own feelings, and sort things out. As a result, I started feeling more stressed, subconsciously, and it came to the point where I’m unable to accept it.”

She then shared that the doctors could not find anything wrong with her throat after she lost her voice before S.H.E’s concert. Thus, she has decided to seek the help of a psychologist, in an attempt to understand both issues. 

When asked if she was worried that this would affect preparations for her upcoming album, Selina replied, “It's not possible to say that I’m not afraid, there’s a possibility that all this has been caused by psychological stress.”

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