Selina Jen’s ex-husband proposed unsuccessfully to his girlfriend

Taiwanese actress Ivy Yin feels that it’s too soon to get engaged as they have only dated for six months

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Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen’s ex-husband, lawyer Richard Chang, went public with his new girlfriend, Taiwanese actress Ivy Yin last week. The pair has been together for six months, and confirmed that they are dating with marriage in mind.

It seems that Richard can’t wait to settle down again, as he reportedly proposed to Ivy earlier this month. A source close to the couple said Richard hopes to start a family as soon as possible as Ivy is already 41 and her biological clock is ticking.

The proposal is said to have been a simple one, and only a few close family and friends knew about it. Although Ivy rejected his proposal, their relationship has not been affected by it as she explained that while she also hopes to marry him one day, she feels that their relationship is progressing too quickly and would like to take things slow.

Selina’s fellow S.H.E member, Ella Chen, was also asked about her thoughts on Richard’s new relationship when she made an appearance at a brand event earlier this week. The trio are said to still be on close terms with Richard, as he is advising them on copyright matters.

“(Richard) looks very happy in the photos,” she chirped. “I told him that he has to tell us about his good news, and he agreed to do so.” At the same time, Ella expressed her hopes that the public will give the couple some space and not pressure them too much.

Selina and Richard were married from 2011 to 2016, and have no children.

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