Selina Jen’s ex-husband is dating someone new "with marriage in mind"

Taiwanese actress Ivy Yin went public with their relationship, revealing that they have been dating for about half a year.


The ex-husband of Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen, lawyer Richard Chang, has found love again with Taiwanese actress Ivy Yin.

Ivy and Richard were previously spotted going out on dates earlier this year, even going on vacation with Ivy’s family. Yesterday (Nov 13), Ivy decided to go public with their relationship, revealing that they have been dating for the past six months.

Speaking through her manager, Ivy shared that they were introduced to each other by her university senior. Her senior and Richard got to know each other at Northwestern University in America.

“We got to know each other through mutual friends. Right now, we’re both busy with our own work, and are gradually getting know each other. Please give us a bit of space,” Ivy shared.

The 41-year-old also revealed that the couple had met each other’s parents and are “dating with marriage in mind”. Ivy emphasised that the couple “will not tie the knot for the sake of getting married”.

Praising Richard as someone who “doesn't like gossip, doesn’t put my name into search engines, and is magnanimous”, Ivy shared that these are the qualities that drew her to him. She went on to reveal that they both share similar backgrounds, viewpoints and values.


Richard was previously married to Selina for five years and called it quits in 2016. At the time, it was rumoured that the couple divorced because of the involvement of a third party. It was also said that Richard actually hated dogs, while Selina cherished her pet dog, Pinky, immensely. These reports have not been addressed by Selina nor Richard.

While Selina and Richard’s relationship after the divorce was once frosty and awkward, the ex-couple now get along well. Richard is helping with negotiations between Selina’s group, S.H.E, and their previous management agency for the rights to the group’s name and discography.

Selina had also revealed in an earlier interview that she is now “friends" with Richard. When reached for a comment, Selina’s manager replied on her behalf, saying, “There has been no changed in Selina and Richard’s friendship. They’re friends, so it's only natural that she gives her blessings to the new couple”.

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