Selina Jen, who turns 38 today (Oct 31), attended a press conference for a cruise line in Taipei yesterday (Oct 30).

The singer shared that she recently had a birthday celebration with her S.H.E bandmates Hebe Tien and Ella Chen. While Hebe gave her a beautiful colourful scarf, Ella Chen’s gift made her burst into tears when she saw it.

“It was a custom-made jewellery box with a portrait of Pinky on it,” she revealed, referring to her beloved pet dog who passed away earlier this year. “It was a very thoughtful gift, full of love.”

The organisers of the event also had a gift up their sleeves: a pair of vouchers for a cruise to Alaska, which Selina said she hopes to be able to use for a romantic cruise with someone special next year.

When someone asked if she would like to bring Ella’s two-year-old son with her, Selina laughed and exclaimed, “That would be way too tiring! I’d rather be alone!”

When the topic shifted to that of her love life, Selina, who divorced lawyer Richard Chang in 2016, expressed her reluctance to use dating apps as it’s difficult to determine someone’s motivations from there.

She also expressed her admiration for other female celebs who claim that they have no shortage of admirers. “Where on earth do all these suitors come from?” she wondered.

Photos: TPG, Facebook/Selina Jen