Selina Jen plans to donate part of her fortune to charity

Death is not seen as a taboo subject in Selina Jen’s family

selina jen inheritance

Selina Jen may be all of 36 years old, but the singer has already planned way ahead and has a clear idea of what she will be doing with her fortune when she passes away.

She attended a promotional activity to raise funds for a dementia campaign, and was spotted shedding tears when a promo video was played. She explained while still wiping away tears, “The female lead (in the video) acted too well!”

Selina later explained that she also thought about her parents, who are now in their late sixties, and confessed that she is worried that she doesn’t have as much time as she would like to be with them. Chuckling that she originally intended to send the video to them, she decided against it as “they are currently on holiday in Japan. Besides, their parents are still around too, so I shouldn’t make them cry!”

The singer went on to share that her family often discusses what will happen after death, and that her 95-year-old grandmother is an optimist who has personally gone to the cemetery to purchase a plot of land where their family can all be laid to rest together.

“My mother even insisted that she wanted a different spot from my dad, although it would be in the same cemetery. I told her that it was no use because we only needed to walk a little to get from one plot to the other!” she smiled.

Selina has also discussed the matter of how she will split her fortune after she passes on, and let on that she originally joked that she wanted to leave all of her money to Pinky, her dog. She continued, “My mother told me that I should split my fortune into four parts – apart from my parents, I should also leave something for my younger sister and donate some of it to charity.”

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