Selina Jen mourns passing of beloved pet dog

The singer-actress has had Pinky for 15 years


Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen has always been open about her love for her pet dog, Pinky.

In a 2018 interview, she once revealed that she wanted to leave her entire inheritance to her dog in the event that she passes before Pinky does. When she turned 36 in 2017, one of her birthday wishes was for Pinky to stay healthy and be with her for a few more years.

However, it was reported earlier this year that Pinky, who is 15, had to be hospitalised due to health issues.

On Wednesday (March 13), Selina’s mother posted a picture of Pinky getting a blood transfusion. Later that day, she uploaded another post, with the words, “Pinky just passed away in her mother (Selina)’s arms.”

Selina’s manager later confirmed the news, and shared that Selina was very affected by Pinky’s passing.


On Facebook, Selina dedicated a post to Pinky, writing, “My baby, my beloved pooch, my princess Pinky, thank you for giving me 5699 beautiful days. Today, at 8:21, you left me, quietly, at your loving home, softly, in my arms.”

She also posted her last picture with Pinky, taken shortly after she passed on. In the picture, Selina, who is visibly emotional, bent down to kiss Pinky one last time.

“I refuse to upload a black-and-white picture, because to me, you will always live on in my heart. I love you as much as you loved me,” she wrote.


Fellow S.H.E member, Taiwanese singer-actress Hebe Tien also posted on Facebook later that day. “(Your) family’s all here, and the weather was good. Pinky, you really did well. We’ve bid farewell to you, another reminder that the days of our youth that we so cherish is leaving.”

She also uploaded a picture of the sky, writing, “(As) the sun rises and sets, (as) the days pass, thank you for coming into (our lives), it was really nice to have known you.”

Photos: PBE Media

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