Selina Jen admits to lip-synching during S.H.E anniversary concert

The singer-actress had lost her voice while preparing for their anniversary

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Taiwanese pop group S.H.E held a free concert for over 50,000 fans in Taiwan on Tuesday (September 11) to mark their 17th anniversary.

The concert, which ran for two hours, saw the trio entertaining fans with banter, a special guest appearance by member Ella Chen’s son, as well as the group’s iconic songs.

However, fans who were present at the concert, or tuned in to the livestream, spotted something amiss. Member Selina Jen’s actions often did not match up to the song lyrics, with some leaving comments on Selina’s Facebook page to ask after the 36-year-old, worrying that she was ill.

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Yesterday, Selina broke her silence to address the issue, apologising to the fans. The singer-actress shared that her vocal cords were not in the best condition while they were recording their special 17th anniversary song, ‘Seventeen’. 

In order to restore her vocals to its original condition, Selina tried a number of remedies, from seeking out doctors, to vocal trainers. Although it was established that her vocal chords were not permanently affected, the issue could not be fully resolved in the short term.

“Therefore, I put in extra effort to rehearse, but the condition of my vocals fluctuated a lot, causing me to worry,” Selina shared.

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She revealed that she listened to her live vocals during the final rehearsal, but found that it was like listening to, “no exaggeration (on my part), a car crash”.

“I couldn’t accept letting something like this happen to S.H.E, so, after discussing once more with the producers, the necessity of pulling my live vocals out of the sound mix (became more apparent),” she wrote.

Selina expressed her regret at putting on a less-than-perfect performance, and shared that both Hebe Tien and Ella knew of her condition, and constantly reassured her during the concert with their gazes and vocals.

“I will put in my all to face my problem, and am looking forward to finding the joy in singing, as well as being able to sing happily for all of you,” she wrote.

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