Selina Jen: It’s hard to find someone who makes your heart race

The singer-actress and her dad will be taking part in a new father-daughter reality show

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In 2016, S.H.E member Selina Jen announced her divorce from her husband of five years, lawyer Richard Chang. The news took everyone by surprise, as there were no prior reports of conflict of any sort between the duo.

Despite the split, the ex-couple is still on good terms, as Selina’s sister, singer Lorene Ren, confirmed during her album launch this week. However, while Richard has been spotted out on dates with other women since the divorce, all has been quiet on the dating front for Selina.

Yesterday, a teaser video for an upcoming reality show, Meeting Mr. Right, featuring Selina and Lorene, premiered. In the video, Selina opened up about her relationship woes.

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“It’s really hard to meet someone who makes your heart race,” Selina confessed. Later, the sisters’ father appeared, encouraging them to be brave and pursue love, declaring, “Dad's here, don’t be afraid.”

The show itself is said to be centred around the premise of “fathers watching their daughters find love”, shedding more light on how the current generation views relationships. Meeting Mr. Right also aims to reveal the stories between a father, his daughter, as well as his daughter’s boyfriend, and is currently in the midst of filming.

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