Selina Jen is still friends with all her exes

That includes her former husband, Richard Chang

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Taiwanese singer Selina Jen has been sharing snippets of her life as one of the hosts on talk show The Egg 28. On a recent episode of the show, the 38-year-old discussed her relationship with her former husband  lawyer Richard Chang when the topic of handling breakup was brought up.

Selina, who was split with Richard three years ago, made headlines in the past months after speculation of a possible reunion between the two started spreading. This happened as they have been spotted together on a number of occasions, but Selina has since explained that he is providing legal advice to her and her fellow S.H.E members.

During the talk show, she admitted, “I can be friends with my exes, and I’ve maintained good terms with all my former lovers.”

A guest on that episode, actress Serene Wang, thought differently. She pointed out that you should lock up and delete all memories of your former lovers and never contact them again.

The topic then shifted to how to maintain a long-standing relationship. While Selina didn’t share much about this, the other guests, including actress Vicky Tseng, suggested, “It’s easier to stay in love if you feel that you’re needed. If you do everything for them, they’ll become so reliant on you that they’ll never leave you!”

Selina chimed in when they discussed going Dutch during dates, musing that she hopes that she and her future partner will be able to agree on splitting the bill.

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