Selina Jen, Hebe Tien confirmed to be parting ways with record company

S.H.E’s respective contracts with HIM International Music expire in October


Earlier in July, fans of S.H.E were thrown into a panic when it was confirmed that Ella Chen would not be renewing her contract with her record company of 17 years, HIM International Music. At the time, numerous rumours of the trio’s disbandment started circulating, especially when Ella’s attendance at their 17th anniversary concert was questioned.

However, these fears were proven to be unfounded as the scheduled concert went on without a hitch, and even saw special guest star Jin Bao, Ella’s son, taking the stage.

As their contract expiration looms ever nearer, fans have showed their concern towards Selina Jen and Hebe Tien, who have not announced their decisions on contract-related matters. However, it has been confirmed today that all three members will be parting ways with HIM International Music.

The label made a statement on the matter, which read, “We will continue working with all three members. They will be working with their respective individual companies in the future, but our future cooperation is still under discussion.”

According to industry insiders, S.H.E’s group name is likely to be trademarked by HIM, and group activities will likely have to be planned together with the record company. Their respective new labels will likely be focusing on their individual careers.

Fans also showed their concern towards Selina, who previously confirmed that she would be turning down some job opportunities in favour of her health. Her throat has reportedly not been in a good condition, and she has been focusing on recovering.

There were previous queries about Selina and Hebe joining Ella’s husband, Alvin Lai’s company, Jinhua Entertainment, but at the time, Ella stressed that it might not be the most suitable agency for them, and that fans need not worry about the trio as S.H.E’s bond is stronger than a business contract.

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