Selina Jen continues variety filming despite old wounds

The S.H.E member was praised by the crew for displaying her professionalism 

selina jen continues variety filming despite old wounds

S.H.E member Selina Jen suffered third-degree burns on her body when an explosion happened while filming I have a date with Spring back in 2010 and took over a year to rehabilitate before returning to showbiz. Despite recovering from her burn injuries, visible scars remain on her arms.

The 33-year-old participated in the filming of Chinese variety show Xi Cong Tian Jiang, where she experienced life in a small fishing village in Guangxi.

Despite her old injuries, Selina did not ask for any special treatment and spent her days farming and fishing. In the programme, she comfortably revealed the large red scars on her arms and shared with a pair of twins, “I once got hurt and it was pretty serious at the time but we have to be strong whenever we face difficulties.”

One of the crew members revealed that the humid conditions at the location caused her injuries to flare up, causing filming to be halted for Selina to be transported to the hotel, where medication was applied.

Selina is said to have insisted on completing the filming and eventually completed her tasks with passion.

The show’s producers have praised Selina for her professionalism and kindness, saying that her positive attitude impressed all who were present, who saw in her a strength and open-mindedness that many do not possess.


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