Selina Jen confesses that she was heartbroken during her birthday this year

The singer-actress has not gotten over the loss of her beloved pet dog.


Taiwanese singer-actress Selina Jen’s latest post on Instagram was a heart-wrenching read for both her fans and fellow pet owners.

The post featured a photo of a handwritten letter she addressed to her beloved pet pooch, Pinky, who had passed away in March. It was a difficult time for Selina as Pinky was her loyal companion for 15 years.

She previously shared that her fellow S.H.E member Ella Chen gifted her a portrait of Pinky for her birthday. Upon receiving Ella’s gift, Selina was so touched that she promptly burst into tears.

In the letter she posted on November 11, Selina mentioned that her birthday, which falls on October 31, was “unbearable” for her this year.

“It's my first birthday since you left (this world). It was unbearable that everyone that I loved was there, except for you,” Selina wrote, confessing that she often looks at pictures and videos of Pinky whenever she was feeling down.


“You lived a meaningful life. You allowed me to understand that love could transcend beyond species, that love is boundless and never ceasing,” Selina wrote in her later.

She also added a number of screenshots of a conversation she had with her younger sister, Taiwanese actress Lorene Jen. In the text conversation, Lorene shared that Pinky appeared in her dreams for the first time since Pinky’s passing.

“(In the dream), so many of us went for a walk with Pinky. She seemed to have a little trouble walking, so we took turns to carry her. When I was carrying her, you helped me to take a picture of us together. She looked just like a lion’s head, but we said she resembled a sunflower instead,” Lorene shared.

In reply, Selina joked, “Pinky went all the way to Beijing to find you, but not me!”

Photos: PBE Media, Selina Jen/Instagram

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