Selina Jen’s father says daughter is the 'real boss'

He shared that he’s just a CEO-in-name for the singer-actress’s new label

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After their contract with their previous management agency, HIM International Music, expired, the three members of S.H.E left the company to set up their own labels, to manage their own careers.

Ella joined Jinhua Entertainment, which was set up by her husband, while Selina, who will be managed by her father, will be under a label named Ren Zhen Mei Hao. Hebe, who will be managed by her mother, will be under a label named Le Lai Le Hao. 

Recently, Selina’s father made an appearance at a press conference for an upcoming talkshow, where he shared more about the label.


“I did not participate in the whole process, she (Selina) told me that she wanted me to be the CEO of the label. But, it’s just a figurehead position, the real day-to-day affairs are all handled by my daughter,” he shared.

A number of fans also felt that the name of the label was a little out-of-the-ordinary, to which he revealed that it was Selina’s younger sister, Taiwanese actress Lorene Ren who came up with it..

“Selina thought that the name was quite interesting, so the company was christened ‘Ren Zhen Mei Hao’”, he said.

He also assured everyone that S.H.E will not disband, and that the trio will continue on with group activities.


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