Selina Jen: A reunion with my ex-husband is impossible

The singer-actress likened her relationship with her ex-husband to that of siblings


After Taiwanese pop trio S.H.E’s individual contracts with their longtime label, HIM International Music expired, the members, Selina Jen, Hebe Tien and Ella Chen, left the company, and have since set up their own companies and work studios to manage their own individual activities.

Though they have reassured fans multiple times that S.H.E will still continue on as a group even after their departure from HIM, the rights to the group’s names and songs still belong to the company. Thus, the girls have enlisted the help of Selina’s ex-husband, lawyer Richard Chang to help them with this issue.

In a recent interview, Selina was asked about her interactions with Richard, after it was revealed that he will be helping S.H.E with the rights to their songs and group name. The 37-year-old revealed that she was very happy to see the changes in Richard since their divorce in 2016. Adding that she originally thought it’ll be hard for the ex-couple to interact casually after their divorce, Selina said that the passing of time has made it possible for them to contact each other easily. She mused that they have since achieved the goal that they originally wanted, when they first chose to divorce.

When asked if there was a chance of a reunion between her and Richard, Selina answered in the negative, though she did not give a reason why. She later explained that though their relationship is very good, they are akin to siblings, not romantic partners. However, she considers this to be the best ending for them.

Additionally, Selina also shared that Hebe and Ella have since handed over all matters regarding their contract with HIM to Richard, and are paying him for his efforts as well. But, she laughingly revealed that she told Richard “not to charge me”, because their relationship is a little different from that with Hebe and Ella. She then jokingly shared that she was essentially “taking advantage” of Richard.

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