Selena Lee attended an eye health event in Hong Kong on May 9, where she shared that she has been busier than ever since leaving TVB last month.

Besides filming, she will be working on a new song with Forensic Heroes IV co-star Gabriel Harrison. “When we were filming, he kept asking me questions about acting,” said the actress. “Now, the tables have turned because I’ve never released a song before!”

Following the news of Jacqueline Wong’s affair with Andy Hui, it was announced that all her scenes in Forensic Heroes IV will be deleted and reshot with Roxanne Tong in her role instead. Because of this, Selena also has to return to the set to reshoot a few scenes, but she said that she has not thought about asking for a raise.

“Reshooting the scenes involves everybody’s hard work, so there’s no reason to ask for more money,” she said. “I’m going to do my part to help out as much as I can, and the biggest reward would be to see the drama being aired.”

When asked if she received an apology from Jacqueline for causing so much trouble, Selena said she did not, but she also thinks that everyone should give Jacqueline some space. On the other hand, she did text Jacqueline’s boyfriend Kenneth Ma to check up on him.

Many netizens remember a “five-year promise” that Selena and Kenneth made to each other in 2013, whereby they made a deal to marry each other if they are still single in five years. Although the deal has already “expired”, many fans have still expressed their wish to see the pair get together.

However, Selena said that while she is touched that everyone still remembers this detail, she does not want to be involved in such a complicated matter. “And besides, right now both Kenneth and I wish to focus on our careers,” she added.

Photos: TPG