Selena Lee and Annie Liu attended a charity run in Hong Kong on May 19.

Selena shared that although she tends to get dizzy easily due to her low blood pressure, she will try her best to complete the marathon for the sake of raising awareness for environmental protection.

The actress recently announced that she has signed on with an American talent agency that houses Hollywood heavyweights including Captain Marvel star Brie Larson. However, she does not have any upcoming projects at the moment, and will concentrate on reshooting Forensic Heroes IV for now.

Selena, who attended Myolie Wu's baby shower, revealed that she knows the gender of her good friend's second child, but she will leave it to Myolie to make the announcement herself. "I believe she will continue to have more kids because I think they want three," she shared.

Annie once ran a half marathon with her mother at the North Pole, where they got to witness the beautiful northern lights. "It was so cold and easy to get hurt there, but that run changed my life," she gushed. "After that, I felt like nothing could bring me down. Now, running is one of the most important things in my life. I hope my future partner will love sports too."