Scarlett Wong denies reports about sister Jacqueline Wong becoming a property agent

The actress admitted she isn’t very sure about Jacqueline’s future plans.


Scarlett Wong made a public appearance at an event in Hong Kong yesterday (Oct 30), where she addressed rumours about her younger sister, disgraced actress Jacqueline Wong.

In order to escape the intense public backlash after her cheating scandal with Sammi Cheng’s husband Andy Hui came to light, Jacqueline relocated to the United States and, according to Scarlett, has no intention to return to Hong Kong anytime soon.

Scarlett also denied the news about Jacqueline allegedly changing her name to Rachel and working as a property agent. “I laughed when I read the reports. Don’t you need a licence to become a property agent? I should sign up to become an insurance agent tomorrow and change my name to Veronica!” she said with a laugh.

When asked about her sister’s future plans, Scarlett admitted that she’s not very sure. “I just want her to be happy and healthy. As her older sister, I will support her, but I will not share my opinions or control her decisions. She has to be responsible for her own life.”


Photos: TPG, Instagram/Scarlett Wong, Facebook/Scarlett Wong

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