Chinese singer Scarlett Liu (formerly known as Shay Liu) attended a charity event at a Hong Kong school on May 23, where she and former athlete Leslie George Santos taught students some football skills.

Scarlett recently invested HK$10 million (about S$1.7 million) into building a school and setting up bursaries for underprivileged youths to achieve their dreams in sports, music, and dance. She also announced plans to hold a concert in November, where singers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea will come together to perform.

When asked if there are any updates about her personal life, she laughed and said that while she’s been too busy to date, her friends have been introducing potential partners to her. However, there has been one secret admirer who successfully got her attention.

“There was someone who sent me flowers every day for an entire month, but I still don’t know who it is!” she shared, adding that the person also got her a bouquet and present on “520 Day”. “I tried asking about this online but no one owned up to it. I really want to know who it is. Whoever you are, please step forward and let me know who you are!”

Photos: TPG

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