Sammy Chang, a former member of girl group Twinko, held a press conference to promote her new single ‘Wings’ in Taipei on May 13.

To surprise her, the press conference organisers secretly arranged for Sammy’s mother to make a surprise appearance at the event. Unable to hold back tears, the singer shared, “My mum is my strongest driving force and she has always supported me 100 per cent in my career.”

Sammy then got candid about her dark days she endured while she was still a part of Twinko. “We had to divide our income, and the lowest amount I ever received was NT$318 (about S$14),” she shared. “There were times when I felt like I was being cheated and that I was not suited for the entertainment industry. I changed management agencies three times and felt like I was on the verge of depression.”

When asked how she overcame these tough times, Sammy said that besides getting help from her friends, she has the fans who have been by her side ever since her days as a participant in singing competition show Super Idol to thank. “They came to support my activities rain or shine and always wrote letters to encourage me,” she gushed.

Photos: TPG

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