Hong Kong martial arts legend Sammo Hung was named the Filmmaker in Focus of the 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF). He had a photo shoot and special sharing session on January 16, where he talked about his past experiences as an actor and filmmaker.

When asked if audiences can expect to see him in front of the camera more often, Sammo said that while he does not want to force it, he will consider any offers that come his way. He then said that the action stars he admires the most are two of his own sons, and that he hopes to be able to film a movie with them as well as his grandchildren.

Sammo recently celebrated his 67th birthday and gushed about receiving a hat and scarf from his grandsons. The gifts came just in time for his upcoming getaway to a cold place.

When asked what birthday wishes he made, Sammo laughed and shared that he wishes to enjoy a long life and to be able to hold more grandchildren. "I've already told my son's wife to have more kids, but I can't put too much pressure on her either, so I guess I will just silently wait," he said with a laugh.

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