Sammi Cheng wants to put husband’s cheating scandal behind her

The singer posted a heartfelt message on Instagram, assuring her followers that she is doing well


All eyes have been on Hong Kong singer Sammi Cheng after her husband, Andy Hui, admitted to cheating on her with actress Jacqueline Wong.

After the scandal erupted, Sammi has not spoken to the press and has only communicated her thoughts on the matter through social media. Days after the news was first reported, she expressed her support for her husband through a post that declared that “love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

Since then, however, there have been numerous reports about the matter, with some claiming that she has known of his infidelity for a long time, while others went a step further to allege that she paid the driver to record and release the video of Andy and Jacqueline making out.

Sammi has kept silent about these allegations, and provided her final statement through social media yesterday (April 28).

In her first post, she wrote, “Don’t go through life, GROW through life”, and added hashtags such as ‘The true reason behind experiencing something, the meaning behind tribulations, experiencing tribulations is to become a better person, and everyone can reflect on their lives through your experiences’.

Shortly after, she posted a selfie accompanied by a long, heartfelt post which read, “There’s no magic that can turn night into day, but grace alone is enough. In the past week, it’s been gloomy with periodic thunderstorms in Hong Kong. There was one night where the entire sky was suddenly blanketed and turned into darkness.”

“That darkness was so dark, and the storm roared so loudly that it was daunted me. Today, the skies have finally cleared up and the skies have heaved a sky of relief. I believe blue skies will return.”

She continued, “Once you’ve decided on something, leave the rest to time. Time will carve out a new road. Everyone is equal in the eyes of time. In all matters, there’s a process between your decision and your destination, and it’s always during the process of reaching your destination where you slowly learn and be enlightened.”

“In reality, we also have to work on ‘living your life as per normal’, not wasting a single moment, and looking towards the future with confidence. What does living your life as per normal mean? It means that you carry on with the things that you should be doing. You fulfill your work obligations, meet the friends that you want to see, eat what you want, and continue loving the people and things in your life that matter to you.”

“Doing the little things that you’ve always done in your everyday life, while accepting the emotional changes that these little things can bring – this is a necessary process and there are no shortcuts.”

Sammi concluded, “At the same time, ‘time and space is what I need the most’. I’m eagerly anticipating going through this process, just like how I’ll pick myself up to prepare for my upcoming concert. Time is running out, and this is the time for me to get back in the game and focus. Please understand that I will no longer comment on this matter. I won’t look back, and will only look forward. Let time take the lead.”

Photos: PBE Media

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