Sammi Cheng held a press conference to promote her upcoming concerts in Hong Kong on April 8. She revealed that she will be donating all the proceeds from her performance earnings to charity.

"I have not decided which charity organisation to make my donations to," she said. "I just wanted to give back to society and use it as a motivation to complete 13 shows well."

However, she revealed that she will definitely not have anymore additional shows. "I practised so much until I suffered from eczema!" she cried. "It's been physically challenging preparing for my concerts. I had to stop rehearsing for two months after I injured my foot, and I had lost my voice during a previous concert."

Because of these past incidents, Sammi will take better care of herself by including one or two rest days between concerts so she can give her best performance to her fans.

The singer-actress also shared that she has brought up the issue of scalpers to her company, and hopes to be able to combat the problem by opening up more legitimate ways for fans to get their hands on tickets.

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