Sammi Cheng thinks that she'd be a mother that “fails at every aspect”

The singer has previously shared in interviews that she has no plans to start a family


Following the end of her concerts in Hong Kong in end-July, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng immediately jetted off for a vacation with her friends, including Hong Kong singer-actor Dicky Cheung and his wife, Hong Kong actress Jess Zhang. Also spotted in tow was Sammi’s scandal-hit husband, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui.

The foursome is believed to have journeyed to the UK to visit Hong Kong composer Mark Lui and his television presenter wife Jade Lui, who migrated there years ago. From there, the group continued on to Vienna and Prague.

Throughout the vacation, Sammi has been uploading photos and videos onto her Instagram account to update her fans. On August 25, she uploaded a longer post, musing on the advantages of travelling with a child.

“It turns out that travelling with a child is so enjoyable,” she wrote. “The kids that are travelling with us, especially. They’re so obedient and cute, and yet so lively. It’s a different type of excitement and warmth.”


She added that as an aunt to the kids, all she needed to be responsible for was to play with the kids, which felt more relaxing compared to being a mum.

She then praised Jade for being a “super mum”, adding that if she would probably “fail at every aspect” if she was a mother herself. Sammi has previously shared in interviews that she has no plans to start a family. 

Sharp-eyed netizens also noted that although Andy was spotted together with the group at the airport in Hong Kong, he was nowhere to be found in Sammi’s vacation pictures. Similarly, posts made by the rest of the group online did not include Andy as well.

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