Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng attended the opening ceremony of a Christmas event in Hong Kong on November 26.

Sammi recently suffered from a parasitic infection as the result of eating uncooked sea snails. "I asked someone to buy them for me and I thought they were cooked because they were refrigerated," she explained. "I ended up eating two raw sea snails!"

Thankfully, doctors told her that it was nothing serious. She didn't even feel any itching, and the parasites did not infect other parts of her body.

When asked about being a special guest performer at Kenny Bee's concert, Sammi said that she and Kenny became good friends after working on a film together. However, she said it was a pity that she did not get to meet her other famous friends, such as Tony Leung, backstage.

As for her Christmas plans, Sammi admitted that she's still not sure how she will spend it, and that she hasn't started thinking of what present to buy for husband Andy Hui.

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