Sammi Cheng kicked off the first of 13 concerts in Hong Kong as part of her Follow Mi world tour last Friday (Jul 12), and there was one guest who, despite his attempts to keep a low profile, drew almost as much attention as her - albeit in a negative way.

When the singer’s husband Andy Hui, who fell from grace in the eyes of the public when his affair with actress Jacqueline Wong was exposed, arrived at the concert venue, he was spotted by Sammi’s fans and met with angry shouts and disapproving noises. Several people were also heard calling out to him, but Andy did not dare to respond to them, and quickly made his way into the arena.

Sammi herself, however, has notably reacted in a more graceful and merciful manner, choosing to publicly forgive her 51-year-old husband. She also seemed to indirectly address the situation at one point during the show when she said, “Things may happen in life that leave you battered and bruised, but after all the pain and hurt, your love will become even stronger and even better.”

Still, that did nothing to soothe some netizens’ view of Andy. Last night (Jul 14), Sammi shared three selfies that were taken backstage during her third show. In one of them, a man who looks like Andy can be partially seen in the background, which drew mixed reactions from Sammi’s followers. Some accused him of showing up at his wife’s concerts just to promote himself, while others declared that they will definitely boo him if he ever shows up on stage with her.

However, there were others that came to his defence. One fan wrote, “It’s normal for a husband to support his wife at her concert. If he didn’t show up to support her, he would also be accused of being heartless.” Another added that since it was Sammi’s choice to forgive Andy, her fans should support her decision as well.

Photos: TPG, Instagram/Sammi Cheng