Sammi Cheng, Gigi Leung and Charlene Choi revealed that they will be the bridesmaids at the wedding of their friend, media personality Vincci Cheuk Wan Chi.

They reported that they are "the most comfortable bridesmaids" because the bride doesn't have any special requests. "Our only mission is to maintain a lively atmosphere. The groomsmen are the ones that seem busy!" Sammi then shared that they have only done a simple rehearsal so far.

When asked what wedding gifts they prepared for the bride, Gigi and Sammi said, "We did not prepare any gifts because we are the best gifts!" Sammi then joked that they don't need to prepare any bouquets because "Charlene already has 20 bouquets at home".

Laughing, Charlene said that there might not be a need to prepare a bouquet to toss. "I asked the staff if any of my friends are not yet married, and they said there's still Joey Yung."

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