Sammi Cheng forgives Andy Hui for cheating

“I firmly believe that (such) experiences and lessons will definitely help one to return to the right track and give us a new lease of life,” she wrote


In the days since Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Hui and Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong were caught getting intimate in the backseat of a car, all parties involved have made their individual statements addressing the issue.

Andy held a press conference apologising for his actions on the very day the scandal broke, while Jacqueline released her own statement of apology on her Instagram account the next day. Jacqueline’s boyfriend, Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma, also spoke to the media, sharing that he is no longer angry with her.

Since then, all eyes have been on Andy’s wife, Hong Kong singer-actress Sammi Cheng, who had remained silent.

This afternoon (April 18), Sammi finally broke her silence with a post on Instagram, where she revealed that she has forgiven her husband.

She shared a picture of a passage from the Bible in English, which reads, “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.”

In her caption, she wrote, “This time is an important shared lesson in our marriage. During this period, we’ve gone through emotional ups and downs together, and we’ve also had a thorough discussion with regards to this incident.”

“This is a lesson between two people, man and wife, and a lesson that we’ve learnt after tying the knot. As we progress onwards in our marriage, other than giving each other warmth and happiness, we’ve also deeply embraced each other’s mistakes, to forgive one another. Everyone makes mistakes, this is an old observation, but one that holds true.”


She continued, “This time, what’s important is to better understand the true essence of marriage. Happiness is not comprised of just a walk in the park. It also contains trials, where one has to experience and navigate the highs and lows of a situation. This is where the couple’s feelings for each other have to take the lead, in order to go forward. The couple has to understand the other’s innermost feelings, in order to square off with each other’s weaknesses. (You can’t) give up on yourself, nor can you give up on the other party. Together, (we must) make it right, and remind each other. In a marriage, I firmly believe that (such) experiences and lessons will definitely help one to return to the right track and give us a new lease of life.”

“In this period of difficulty for the both of us, clasping our hands together in prayer has helped immensely. Today, the heavy burden that I’ve shouldered seems to have lightened. I only wish for everything to settle down, for peace to return once more.”

“Finally,” she concluded. “I hope the media will not wait for nor chase after my ageing parents, who have difficulty moving about. There is nothing more that I wish to express, after today, I will only look to the future, and with time, continue moving forward, step by step.”

Photos: PBE Media, Instagram/Sammi Cheng

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